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Ayahuasca Transformation: 1-Day Retreat

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Ayahuasca Transformation: 1-Day Retreat

In this grand retreat, new patients will have the opportunity to connect with themselves and with the spiritual world, which may encourage them to change the way they think about both themselves and the world. This is a strenuous process which requires great willpower. The ceremonies are not easy to processes and each participant needs to properly prepare to face the darker sides of their beings and to undergo never-before-experienced sensations. It is common for patients to vomit at the onset of their ceremony. However, by the end, patients will experience a spiritual cleansing and a time of reflection that will allow them to redirect their course and analyze the visions and messages sent by the Ayahuasca Mother. After the session, patients will have the opportunity to share their experience with the group and consult shamans about their visions.


  • Ceremony lead by Masters Shamans (Andean / Amazonian).
  • The ayahuasca ceremony will be supervised by a qualified nurse.
  • During your stay in our center, you will have the presence of a bilingual coordinator who will guide you throughout the process.
  • Oracle reading ceremony with Coca leaves (diagnosis of current situation).
  • Ceremony of Blossoming and spiritual cleansing (to remove the negative energy of our being and replace it with positive energy)
  • Ceremony of permission and Integration to the shamanic spiritual world.
  • 1 intense session of Ayahuasca.
  • Ceremony of offering of gratitude to Pacha mama or Mother Nature.
  • Basic medical examination will be carried out before and after the ayahuasca ceremony, to ensure your fitness.
  • Transportation to the retreat center round trip from Cusco.


08:00 Transfer from your hotel to the retreat center
09:00 Installation and recognition of the retreat center.
10:30 Presentation and introduction to retreat with master shamans and recommendations for retreat.
11:00 Ceremony of integration to the spiritual world
11:40 Spiritual reading with coca leaves (individual diagnosis).
12:30 Ceremony of flowering and cleaning of bad energies.
13:00 Medical examination before the ceremony
13:30 First ceremony of Ayahuasca
17:30 Offering of gratitude ceremony to the Pachamama or Mother Nature
18:00 Transportation back to Cusco


It is recommended to abstain from having sex or masturbate a day before the retreat because it reduces the levels of physical and mental energy, that you will need to cope with the effects of ayahuasca.

It is suggested that women who are menstruating or pregnant refrain from participating. Menstrual pain and discomfort can result in a negative experience while under the effects of Ayahuasca. However, if you do not experience severe pain or discomfort, then you can participate.

Avoid using in the center of perfume perfumes, synthetic soaps.

Do not consume drugs, alcohol or energizantes.

No consuming medical or natural medicines, antibiotics, injections, pills , Vitamins, supplements, etc.

If you regularly consume medications for some treatment please inform us in advance, Diet: refrain from eating the following foods at least one week before and after the ayahuasca retreat.

Not consume Coffee / chocolate (or derivatives), Spicy or greasy foods.

Foods containing flavors or preservatives.

fat food

No red meat or derivatives.

Reduce the salt intake of sugars.

Scrap food

Creams, Sweets, candies

Oils (except olive oil)

Carbonated beverages

Dairy products

Fermented food

Carbonated drinks

Dairy products

Caffeine & other stimulants

Others: Food in our environment The food that we provide in our retreat center on the days of rest are made based on chicken, fish, eggs, rice, vegetables, legumes, fruits, oats, quinoa, chuño, natural teas, such as salads, smoothies, juices and Natural yogurts. It is highly recommended for the nutrient potential for brain-based foods such as seafood, and fish such as cebiche.


N° people 1 Person 2 people 3 people more people
Price per person 295 $ USD 250 $ USD 220 $ USD 190 $ USD
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