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Cusco overcome covid 19

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Cusco overcome covid 19


Cusco is the capital of the Inca empire is located over 3400 meters over the sea level to the south of Peru, the settler heirs of ancestral traditions and healthy gastronomy are resisting this pandemic, is the same with other cities on high mountains like Quito or La Paz.
Currently, the mortality rate is 1.19 Low compared with other cities in the world (23 deaths) At the start of Peru’s strict national lockdown. Since then, there has not been another COVID-19 fatality in the entire Cusco region, even as the disease has claimed more than 4,000 lives nationally being the most difficult places Lima and Iquitos.

The researchers hypothesize that populations living at high altitudes might be benefiting from a combination of an ability to cope with hypoxia (low levels of oxygen in the blood) and a natural environment hostile to the virus — including dry mountain air, high levels of UV radiation and the possibility that lower barometric pressure reduces the virus’s ability to linger in the air, the report further said.

According to investigators, the Lungs of people from this región are bigger than people who live on the coast, this characteristic and the ability to créate enzymes to resist the infections make of this región a safe place.

For this reason, the government has established the opening of attractive touristic centers like Machu Picchu but following strict protocols of health, on July Machu Picchu will receive 85 people per day in small groups of 8 people.

In the same way, our retreat center has prepared new health conditions to perform our traditional ayahuasca ceremonies and more health instruments following our protocols of safety, after a medical checking to our patients and our staff you will participate in private ceremonies with medical supervision.

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