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Shipibo Shamans from Peru

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Shipibo Shamans from Peru

Are shamans an important part of the ceremony? Too many people ask this question.
Peruvian shamans usually come from the jungle, but not everybody receives this wonderful title and powers.
Healer shamans receive this skill by heritage or, in some cases, if a young person decided to become a healer shaman they might learn from an experienced one. The career is not easy: there are many trials to overcome, meditation is a part of their daily routine, and they possess a knowledge of every plant in the wild and also know how these medicinal plants react differently in different people depending on a variety of personal factors. Usually, shamans make a vow to help everyone that asks them. They sometimes fast from food and drink for days. Furthermore,  shamans that work with ayahuasca usually create Icaros (magical songs). Icaros are usually sung in the beginning of a ceremony, as a form of prayer and to and wish for wellness.
During Ayahuasca sessions, healer shamans lead the sessions and connect with the visions of the patients. If patients lose control of themselves, Healer shamans provide aromatic brews and change the Icaros to restore the patients to a state of peace and calm.

Andean and Amazonian shamans usually have families and they work to provide for their families. This is why many shamans become doctors and request compensation for their knowledge.
Nowadays, and often by foreigners, they are judged because they charge for their services. But they are humans like us and they have the same necessities as we do.

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