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spiritual connection during the ayahuasca session

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spiritual connection during the ayahuasca session


Throughout our experience we have been able to determinate the type or level of connection that is made of a spiritual ceremony of ayahuasca by new or experienced patients.

Many of the new patients are looking for a type of healing to energetic or spiritual problems, mental and emotional problems, physical problems or simply looking for the connection with nature or with their spiritual subconsciousness to find answers, clarity, reasons for our existence, ways to adapt to a world of constant changes away from natural harmony, to know many more things about themselves, contact with higher spiritual beings, open the third eye and find nirvana, etc.

According to our experience with the support of authentic Shipibo teachers, we have determined that a large percentage of new patients are attracted to nature and that we are beings that belong to nature in contact with plants, animals, mother earth, water, air , etc. For this reason they escape from concrete cities, technologies,fears, routine to reconnect with the nature.

Many of them seek to particpate in the 1st ceremony looking to get all the benefits of this ceremony already mentioned, but only 30% of them are prepared for it and could receive a connection up to the level of spiritual contact, the other 70% usually receives an energetic cleansing and his first lesson on how the healing process of ayahuasca works, the second ceremony is basically to cure high levels of depression, stress, anxiety and even traumas; a good percentage of new people who do not have serious spiritual problems or addictions can access a basic level of connection with the spiritual world, i mean they can communicate and  feel how our bodies can perceive the energy of their environment, and they could realize that everything in the The natural world has energy, the molecules of all matter have a level of vibration and emit energy at different levels of frequencies.

Only at this level is it that we can make connections and our subconscious can receive information from the universe,it reach out  a high level of consciousness to be able to enjoy the peace, happiness, love without  mundane needs that our physical body and mind makes us dependent on it.

For only four of hours we can attend a master class of humility, respect for nature and God, understanding that of our life, mission of each living being, the harmony between all the beings of the nature, is what I personally think is the Nirvana and  which many spiritual masters had reach out not only with this type of ceremonies but also through spiritual practices such as meditation.

When a person is in this state of full harmony between the conscious and subconscious there are no physical desires or metals or needs (hunger, ambitions, sex, pain, etc.), neither fears nor intense emotions (sadness, shame, ego , worries, etc.). Our mind stops having the control and rational needs and understands the profound peace of the spiritual world, personally the most beautiful moment I could feel, it is at this moment that people can reach all the knowledge and wisdom of the universe, although many times you prefer Enjoy the moment you start asking about all the curiosities of our rational mind.

When you wake up you realize that if your body and mind are not used to or prepared for all that knowledge, your mind again comes into conflict with the physical and mental desires and needs of this corrupted world.

It is then where each person must make the decisions, whether to give value to what has been learned or to ignore this world that is inherent in it; It is important to have good habits to cultivate this knowledge of the spiritual world and stay away from vices and polluting energies.

There are problems that require more sessions as in the case of addictions (drugs, alcohol, cocaine, psychotropic drugs, heroin, LSD, etc.)

Finally I must conclude that according to dietary, physical and mental preparation a new person could reach this last level of connection without having to go through the previous sessions, that is, has the ability that in only one session receive this high level of spiritual consciousness .

For spiritual people it is much easier to reach this level of consciousness by their physical and mental preparation.


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