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Things to Know During Your Visit to Peru

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Things to Know During Your Visit to Peru


Peru is a unique country with beautiful and fancy attractions, Peru is the 3rd biggest country in South America, Peru is divided into 3 big regions the Coast, the Amazon, the highlands, the varied gastronomy, the warmth of its people, and its rich ancient history: these are just a few of the reasons that Peru is a favorite destination for travelers.
The most important economic activities are mining, tourism, and agriculture.
Peru is a country with a great variety of minerals, we export gold, silver, tin, zinc, and cooper.
The other important activity is the agriculture, in all the regions we have a great variety of products and it is the base of delicious and nutritive gastronomy, Peruvian native plants are potatoes, quinoa, corn, maca, tarwi, etc.
But one of the most important activities is the tourism because many people work on it, Peru has wonderful attractions: natural ( Deserts, Glaciers, Lakes, Beaches, Amazon, Andes, waterfalls, canyons, volcanoes, etc), archaeological (Machu Picchu, Nazca Lines, Sipan Royal tombs, Caral pyramid, Chavin temples, Kuelap, etc) and traditions (dances, gastronomy, customs, ceremonies)

Capital of Peru: Lima, the capital, is a very large and modern city and is the most populated city in Peru.  It is on the Pacific Ocean and offers beautiful beach views. However, Cusco is the most popular and cosmopolitan city in terms of tourism.

Peruvian currency: The Peruvian nuevo sol (new sun) is the currency of the country. However, it is also very common to use the U.S. dollar and, to a smaller extent, the euro.
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Prepare yourself according to season and weather. As a traveler, you must take into account that Peru is divided into three geographical regions that are differentiated by the Peruvian current and its territorial condition: coast, sierra (mountains), and jungle. The best dates to travel are: on the coast the summer months (December to March–so the winter months in North America), in the sierra and jungle the months that go from May to September (so summer months in North America).

Regardless of the time of year and place you visit on your trip to Peru, it is advisable to bring warm clothing, large trousers, cotton t-shirts, hiking boots, sports shoes, a good sunscreen and a hat (for sun and cold).
Peruvian culture
Peruvian gastronomy: You will love the ceviche (seafood). This dish is highly recommended and is a favorite amongst tourists. It is easy to consume, from street stalls to elegant restaurants. Other dishes include nutritious food like Maca, quinoa, Kiwicha, anchoveta, guanabana, sweet potato, lucuma, etc.
Peru food

The Ancient Peruvians: The Incas were one of the main cultures in the country’s expanse but, in addition to the Incas, there were other important pre-Incan cultures. For this reason, it is highly recommended to visit and get to know other cultures as well, as the cultures of Paracas and Mochica on the coast, the Chachapoyas to the north of the country, and Nazca to the south of the country.

Peruvian ancient cultures
Drinks from Peru:  In our country, there is a variety of drinks in each region. Some that stand out include pisco, wine, chicha, frutillada, 7 Roots, RC, etc. Pisco is the most representative drink of Peru and can be described as a grape brandy. It is available in several brands and prices. It is also advisable to take it in cocktails like pisco sour, especially for beginners to Pisco. Cusqueña, a local beer, is also a delicious and refreshing option.
Peru drinks

The best healers: In Peru, we emphasize our ancestral knowledge. the Incas, and especially the healers and shamans, preserve the knowledge of the cultures conquered by the Spanish. This includes a knowledge of the mystical powers and healing properties of the plants of each region: the coast, mountain, and jungle.

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