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Benefits of our Ayahuasca Retreats

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Benefits of our Ayahuasca Retreats

This powerful plant provided by the nature transmitted from generation to generation to help to people to heal internal pains.

Our retreat based in care and love cleans bad energies, It  release stress, depression, and the negative emotional burdens of body, mind and spirit.

you will be able to find the way that how you can change a live of pains,life of suffering, days of stress  based on routine days or attitudes dominated by  egoism and proud that makes us believe that we are alone in this world and they don’t allow you to grow into: love, peace, happiness, harmony and wisdom. To be spiritual and psychological in nature.

with us you will understand that we have the mission to growth spiritually, increase your excellence and human qualities in all fields of your life.

Our Retreats  helps you to  develop your abilities and personal growth, increasing your capacities for tolerance, humility and simplicity. Generating awareness of your heart, to help you improve and find the essence of life.

Our Ceremonies teach you that you are the only one who can help you to fix your problems and necessities that don’t makes you develop spiritually.

It will break the different negative personalities and paradigms, expelling the ingratitude of the sub you consent. The hidden sun shine inside and will bloom the light in your heart. The love of medicine heals the spirit and heals the wounds in general.

With us you could learn how to control yourself and overcome interpersonal difficulties, developing moral values and respect. Helping you to forgive to yourself and people around you. To awaken and better your genetic.

Ayahuasca Medicine helps people overcome traumatic illnesses such as depression and anxiety, addiction, routine stress of a changing world, and many other forms of diseases focused in emotional, spiritual realms. By making a life change extreme authenticity it is invaluable.

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