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Our Spiritual Retreat Center

Our retreat center is located in Tambo Real, a community in the province of Anta in Cusco, Perú.
Surrounded by beautiful native vegetation, Tambo Real is a large agricultural and livestock sector that uses its natural resources for the good of the population.
Its climate is temperate and it is surrounded by small hills that give a natural landscape. Further in the distance are snow-capped mountains that give a particular beauty to the location. Nearby archaeological and tourist sites allow our guests to enjoy the architecture, nature, and culture bequeathed by our ancestors the Incas.
Our retreat center has 2-person rooms, 3-person rooms, a dining room, bathrooms, hot showers, a lobby, a kitchen, a ceremonial room, and a patio.
We are all at your service, and always seeking your greatest comfort.
SHAMANIC VINE RETREAT CENTER organizes retreats every day of the year according to the needs of our patients.

we offer private and group retreats, tours by energetic centers, all of them customizable all the year.

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